Global Partnership

Winning over winning teams.

The thought of going global did not come to us over night. We are looking for the partnership with the companies in various modes and levels who are looking out for various business opportunities in select countries.

We can help you in many ways from setting up business, ODCs ( off shore developing centers), BPO requirements ( Data, Voice, Research etc ). We have contacts who can plan, implement and execute your projects.

By partnering we can share the resources, leads and we can build on the market share slowly. Partnership to grow with a focus on over core strengths and provide our customers with both innovative and timely results.

This also improves our efficiency to deliver best-breed technology solutions or create opportunities for cross-marketing and sales campaigns.

For further details please be in touch with us fill in the forum below.
Name of the Company
Contact person
Line of business
Technologies preferred
Number of employees
Line of service needed
Email id

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